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Sustainability with Passion

The power generation for Packsize’s own factory and headquarter is 100% carbon neutral.


Fanfold Corrugated

Fanfold corrugated is a continuous length of corrugated that has been accordion folded into a stack. It has been produced for decades on corrugators with special equipment that creases and folds the board as it comes from the downstream end of the corrugator.

Fanfold corrugated can be sized in width from about 6 inches (150mm) wide to 86 inches (2200mm) wide. It is generally folded every 48 inches (1200mm). Two units fit perfectly side-by-side in a trailer so the transportation cube is excellent — more than twice as efficient as finished boxes. Fanfold is produced through a single corrugating machine. It is inspected, banded, and ready for delivery usually within hours of placing an order. Because the factory routing is so simple, the lead time is very short. Fanfold can be printed in any color in a repeat pattern if desired, however most on demand customers apply their branding and shipping data on a single label that wraps around the corner of the finished box.

Corrugated packaging is both recyclable and renewable making it the most environmentally responsible packaging material available. Studies show that 75% of the corrugated packaging produced world wide is eventually recycled and most is made from 20% or more post-consumer waste. Comparatively, petroleum based film and foam have a recycling rate of less than 25%.

The cost per ton of the paper used to make corrugated has been relatively stable over the years (compared to petroleum based products) and has always been the best value in recyclable packaging when compared to other options. Although the demand for corrugated is growing world wide, the acres of forestry committed to packaging paper is shrinking steadily because of recycling and improved forestry management techniques.

Fanfold corrugated is available in the same flute profiles and paper grades as conventional corrugated boxes so there is no need to change packaging specifications. Packsize is the largest purchaser of fanfold corrugated in North America.