Protect Your Product, Protect Your Bottom Line

How Packsize decreased damages, improved sustainability, and provided a customized fit for Dauphin.
Reduced amount of corrugated cardboard with boxes made to size.
Excellent technical service provided.
Increased sustainability from less corrugated being used.


Finding the perfect packaging system

About Dauphin

Dauphin North America manufactures ergonomic office seating and furniture systems for dynamic spaces that promote innovation, enable collaboration, improve productivity, and foster creative environmental solutions to increase efficiencies throughout the commercial, education, healthcare and hospitality industries. To that end, the management team at Dauphin is always sourcing for products that will help them improve processes that follow their environmental mission of recycle, reduce, and reuse.

"This concept was strictly a go for us."

A few years ago, Carl Newman, Director of Operations at Dauphin, was challenged with finding a packaging solution that would decrease damage rates and courier claims, eliminate warehousing of pre-made corrugated boxes, and provide a customized fit for shipping an expanding product line of furnishings of differing sizes and weights. While at a tradeshow, he was introduced to Packsize On Demand PackagingTM through signage that promoted “Make Your Own Cartons.” Intrigued by the concept, Newman listened to the presentation, discussed specific needs with the sales staff, and returned to Dauphin’s Corporate Office with a packaging solution to present to the rest of the management team. It took about 10 minutes for the entire team to agree to proceed with Packsize and begin to fabricate their own customized cartons.

“This concept was strictly a go for us,” said Newman. “The logic of it all made complete sense.”

Vi på Dauphin är stolta över våra miljöprestationer och förstår att det är en ständigt pågående resa att vara miljömässigt ansvarsfull.
Stuart Rogers-Brown


Allowing Dauphin to have it all

At first, there was some hesitancy to completely rely on this packaging system since Dauphin had used ready-made cartons for years. Newman notes, “We needed strong assurance that technical support would be available quickly should a problem arise. Over the years, we have experienced only one issue and their response was excellent. Now, Packsize On Demand Packaging® is as essential to our operations as our air compressors and we have every confidence in the quality of the product and their technical support.”

Currently, Dauphin has advanced to the Packsize EM7 with a Cassette Changer to better suit requirements as they continue to experience growth while increasing their product offerings. In addition, the savings that Dauphin derives from the packaging concept of creating the right-sized carton for a custom fit for shipping is significant. Many of the problems associated with a box collapsing during shipment or storage no longer apply, and Dauphin has eliminated over 90 percent of shipping courier claims.