Better automation is a piece of cake!

Packsize implementerade en lösning som gjorde det möjligt för DecoPac att öka volymen utan att anställa ett stort antal nya medarbetare
60% less void fill
Less touches required per carton
155 box sizes created from just three z-Fold® widths


Rapid growth can be challenging

DecoPac ships bakery supplies and cake decorations all over the country. A recent acquisition and good business doubled their fulfillment volume in just 18 months. Supporting that volume of growth is tough, and DecoPac decided to tackle it by expanding their picklines and increasing automation. They needed a solution that allowed them to ship higher volumes without hiring huge numbers of new employees.

Packsize kom och analyserade verksamheten hos DecoPac. De gav oss förslag på de kartongstorlekar som vi behövde börja med. De har varit helt och hållet närvarande för att stödja produkten och alla våra behov.
Kim Roy
VP of Operations


The X4 offers some sweet, sweet automation

DecoPac started using the iQ Fusion 2®, which helped them get boxes on demand. As their order volume increased, they upgraded to the EM7. Eventually, they needed additional automation, so they decided to use the brand-new X4®.

DecoPac’s inventory management has become much simpler. Before, they had 11 different box sizes. Today, they have three widths of z-Fold, and currently produce 150 different boxes.

A key to automation is reducing time, touch, and travel. Moving to the X4 has meant that DecoPac employees now save five touches per box, which is pretty significant.