Why reduce box inventory when you can eliminate it?

Flexsteel minskade mängden förpackningsmaterial som användes samtidigt som hållbarheten förbättrades.
90% decrease in box inventory storage space
30-40% decrease in shipping damages
33% more product in shipping trucks


Too much inventory and not enough shipping space

Flexsteel has been making furniture for over 120 years now. The company primarily serves hospitals, hotels, and other commercial buildings. Because its wide selection, Flexsteel often has to ship dozens of different products to the same location, often taking multiple trucks. In order to try to keep shipping damages and excess empty box space down, the company would also stock a large box inventory that took up to 3,000 square feet.

”Det har varit fantastiskt! Det har faktiskt minskat en del av våra kostnader. Vi har kunnat få in mer i en lastbil, vilket sänker våra fraktkostnader. I vissa fall kan vi nästan fördubbla vad vi får in i en lastbil.”
Jacob Payne
Teknisk chef


On Demand Packaging® that eliminates box inventory

That 3,000 square foot box inventory? It’s now been replaced by z-Fold™ that now takes up 300 square feet. Flexsteel now has the power to create right-sized boxes for all of its products right when it’s needed, allowing 33 percent more products to fit on a truck. In addition to this, Packsize’s On Demand Packaging® has helped Flexsteel improve its sustainability by decreasing the amount of packaging materials used.

Flexsteel product packed in Packsize carton.