More choices, not more inventory

Mer lagerutrymme, mindre wellpappsspill och en strömlinjeformad inköpsprocess med On Demand Packaging®.
Increased warehouse space for other operations
Reduced inventory from 500 box sizes to 5 sizes of z-Fold®
Eliminated box obsolescence and improved purchasing


Protecting cabinets shouldn’t lead to a huge corrugated inventory


Legacy Cabinets wanted to push their corrugated savings even higher. The Eastaboga, Alabama cabinetry manufacturer packs 3,500 to 4,000 kitchen and bathroom cabinets a day for nationwide distribution. Already familiar with the benefits of right-sizing, the company’s decision to adopt Packsize® On Demand Packaging® further optimized an impressive packaging operation by increasing warehouse space, reducing box management, and improving purchasing.


In business for more than 20 years, Legacy Cabinets is committed to bringing high quality and value at a competitive price to its customers. The forwardthinking manufacturer had already restyled their packaging to reduce empty space within the shipping container and to better protect their cabinets. However, the custom tube and cap packaging system required Legacy Cabinets to maintain a large, pre-cut corrugate inventory. As a cabinet came down the line, packaging personnel would go to the racks, pull the tube size needed and then attach the right-sized, protective box cap.

Med Packsize är det mycket enklare, sparar tid och lagerhanteringen är mycket bättre nu.
Joe Grogan
Vice VP för inköp
Legacy Cabinets


On Demand Packaging® allows for unlimited box sizes without an unlimited inventory

Recognizing similarity between his own operation and Packsize’s value proposition, Legacy Cabinets’ Executive Vice President of Purchasing Joe Grogan was intrigued. Upon further investigation, he and company President Rodney Suggs were convinced that On Demand Packaging® could take their right-sized packaging operation even further.

With Packsize, Legacy Cabinets found they could significantly reduce their corrugated cardboard spend while freeing up warehouse space for other needs in their 515,000 square foot manufacturing facility. This was accomplished by eliminating their high box inventory of more than 500 sizes.

“The combined Packsize machine and corrugated now takes only a fifth of the space formerly dedicated to our packaging operations,” says Legacy Cabinets’ Main Floor Supervisor Buck Taylor. “And, since the tubes are made as the cabinets come down the line, we produce only what we need on a daily basis.”

Easing the Procurement Process

From a purchasing standpoint, Legacy Cabinets reduced the complexity of buying 500 items to five sizes of Packsize z-Fold® corrugate. Additionally, before switching to Packsize, the cabinetry company was placing box orders at least two weeks in advance. According to Grogan, this is now “a once a week smooth purchasing operation for us.” He continues, “With Packsize, it’s much easier, saves time, and inventory management is now much improved. We are extremely pleased we made the switch to Packsize.”

Added Benefit

Mindful of its commitment to sustainability, the Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers Association (KCMA) member is also pleased to find that since deploying four Packsize box-making machines, its scrap rate runs from 3 to 5 percent; much less than the typical industry standard of 10 percent.